Record brush “Angus”

is ramar’s own stylus brush. Dust and dirt on the stylus have a negative influence on the quality of the audio playback. In addition, dirt can reduce the life of your cartridge. Angus gently cleans the sensitive stylus diamond and convinces with an excellent cleaning result.

The brush is made of brushed stainless steel and wood in our workshop in Berlin. The brush trim is made of carbon fibres. Angus is also available as a set with our record brushes.



Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6.6 × 0.6 × 0.3 cm
Item number DU-20-0301
Dimensions (mm) 3H x 6W x 66D
Body stainless steel (brushed), carbon fibre, walnut
Brush trim Carbon fibres


Product  Article Nr. Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
Vinyl Brush „Joni“ JO-20-0103 53.24 44.00