Over the years, the Serenity line of cables have made Argento Audio’s reputation among the audiophile community for uncompromising technical quality, and unchallenged sound performance.

The Serenity Signature which is the third generation of Serenity cables from Argento is the beginning for Argento but the performance achieved in this line is still clearly higher than virtually all competing cables at any price point.

​In the words of two reviewers from the Norwegian magazine “Fidelity” issue 66 Fall 2017

“This cable was ready for a short test when the editor decided that we just as well could try it out along with the others on the Magico’s. The cable looked expensive, but it was claimed that is was reasonable compared to the new Transparent and Nordost Valhalla. Either way, in the course of a few seconds we perceived this cable to so far be the evening’s best. And that with an almost perfect balance between full sound and crisp details along with an enormous, but still clearly defined space. The reproduction can just be described as completely wonderful, and the depth perspective almost infinite. Also entirely superior in the bass. Here, there’s really body and gravity along with an exceptionally ingratiating sound of violin. And what a resolution: I really got startled when we turned on our usual Joni Mitchell disk and we for the first time could really hear her draw her breath through the complex orchestra intro before the intonation.”

“Wonderful! Fantastic calmness and order in the sound image from the very beginning. Also excels with utmost clean details, without being sharp in any way. Great balance between resonance and clarity. The evening’s most “accurate” on Chesnokov, where the mentioned rasp in the overtone structure is less palpable than in the previous, without letting any of this diminish transparency or holography. Splendid depth, but possibly slightly less precise than Valhalla in regards to placement of the different performers. This being relatively insignificant, as the general feeling of stillness in the sound image is increasing. Maybe it also has the most distinct definition and articulation in the Joni Mitchell cut. Here, nothing is missing in general dynamics, and the music is flowing lightly, relaxed and at the same time very rhythmically. Briefly said, an astoundingly good speaker cable, with pronounced, organic sound. For undersigned, without much doubt the one that all in all seems like the most “proper” in this set up. “


Main features of the Serenity Signature cables.

  • The conductors are made of the purest silver featuring a quasi ribbon geometry, but have no edges resulting in a close to hyper-elliptic shape.
  • The dielectric/vibration damper is the proprietary Argento Audio VDMTM (Vibration Damping Material), drastically removing any usual dielectric ill effects, along with an optimized vibration control.
  • One of these conductors is used for each polarity in the interconnector and several for each polarity in the speaker cables.
  • All conductive parts are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen.
  • All connectors are similar to the Flow connectors with the exception of the dielectric material.


SERENITY Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
Interconnector “Signature” 1m RCA 1,680 1,388
Interconnector “Signature” 1m XLR 1,740 1,438
Interconnector additional 0,5m 270 223
Speaker cable 1m 2,520 2,082
Speaker cable additional 0,5m 600 495
Power 2m 1,680 1,388
Power 1m additional 1m 390 322