MC Step-Up Transformer CMT1

MC step-up transformer with meticulously designed proprietary transformer. With its high linearity, it is ideal for expanding the C3EQM2 phono equalizer amplifier.

Proprietary transformer equipment
The core material, wire material, winding thickness, and winding ratio are carefully designed and manufactured to affect performance such as distortion, S/N ratio, and input/output impedance. In addition, high permeability super Permalloy cores are used to obtain high linearity characteristics.

Simple and compact design
The chassis is compactly designed, but weighs 2.1 kg, ensuring stability. It is equipped with one RCA and one XLR input and one RCA output. MC cartridges can be used by connecting to the MM input of the C3EQM2 ph


Model CMT1
Gain 20dB
Conformity Cartridge Impedance 1.5-40Ω
Load Impedance 47kΩ
Frequency Response 10-100kHz ±2dB
Channel Balance ±0.3dB or less
Channel Separation 60dB or more
Input Terminal BALANCED x1, UNBALANCED x1
Output Terminal UNBALANCED x1
Dimensions 200Wx77Hx120Dmm *
Weight 2.1kg
Finishing Anodic Oxide Coating

* Knobs and terminals are not included.

  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.