Used, Demo’s & Tradeinn’s

Amadeus Audio regularly purchases or mediates used, demo’s & tradeinn’s  from dealers, distributors, brands and users who cancel a sale or have a discontinued product. For this reason why we have some brands and products that we do not represent as dealer nor distributor.

Zanden Chukoh “sound unheard of” is the pinnacle of Preamp building its a masterpiece a piece of art created by Maestro Yamada of Zanden

€ 77.000

My client purchased this cartridge but his whole Analog project never realized due to the circumstances his is your gain. Air Tight Opus-1 Mc

€ 9.950

Dream 20/20 2 mtr schuko powercord is the new top of the line of Stealth Audio perfect to use whit: Preamp/Poweramp/Monoblock/Integratedamp/Powerdistributor/Powerstrip. Dream 20/20 2

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My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Ex mc cartridge Sealed.         Specifications Body Super Duralumin A7075 alloy body Type Moving Coil Magnet

€ 5450

Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru Brand New. Specifications Urushi Lacquered Rosewood Body Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Permendur Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.4 mV Output 9.37g Net Weight

€ 4550

STEALTH AUDIO CABLES OUTLET Stealth Indra v.18+ RCA 1 meter brand New certificate and original bag included. The Indra v.18 is the best Indra

€ 4650

STEALTH AUDIO CABLES OUTLET Dream Loudspeaker cable V.10 3 meter Biwire pair upgraded by Stealth Audio to Silver Spades unused certificate included. The Certificate

€ 6550

Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum Sealed 8900 euro     Specifications Tigereye Body Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Platinum Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.3 mV Output 12.5

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  Ikeda 9mono Price 3350 euro When sold out of EU 2770 euro   Output Voltage: 0.22 mV – Stylus Force: 1.8 grams – Frequency

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PANTHEON  SPEAKERS great speakers from a cancelled order know available by Amadeus Audio. Please call for the price. Three-way speaker system Constant phase crossover
Koetsu Azule Platinum Sealed   Price 8800 euro     Specifications: Body: Dumortierite Stone Type: Moving Coil Coil Wiring: Silverplated Copper Magnet: Platinum Magnet

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TEALTH AUDIO CABLE OUTLET   Stealth Audio Dream v.16 Universal 15 Amp Silver Shuko 1.5 Meter we have multiple pieces. Dream V.16 Universal power

€ 2475

Gryphon Scorpio CD Player in very good condition used for Demo as second Cd Player not even fully Burned inn! 230 Volt (220/240) Price

€ 5.500

Proud to have this cartridge as part of a trade and list this rare Cartridge will be a collectors item surely. Zyx UNIverse Optimum

€ 11500

Ikeda IT-407CR1 Long 12 inch whit VTA Lifter     Sealed Price 7200 When sold our of EU 5950 The Ikeda IT-407 tonearm is a High

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Lyra Atlas Sl Lambda Sealed.   Price 9300 Euro Exc. Vat 7685.95 euro (when shipped out of EU)     Designer: Jonathan Carr Builder: Yoshinori Mishima Type: Medium

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Top wing Blue Dragon Mc Cartridge Coreless straight-flux is a game-changer in the World of Audiophile Society. The original Head-shell is included in the

€ 6.750

Miyabi Labs Fuuga Mc Cartridge New(!) the rising star in the upper High-end State of Art Analog Reproduction. Will include worldwide registered trackable shipping

€ 6750

STEALTH AUDIO CABLES OUTLET Stealth Indra v.18+ XLR 1 meter brand New certificate and original bag included. The Indra v.18 is the best Indra

€ 5600

Lyra Etna Lambda Price 6100 euro Exc. Vat 5041.32 (when sold out of EU)     Specifications Type: Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance moving

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Ikeda Kai Selaed   Price 6050 euro When sold out of EU 5000 euro Type: MC cartridge Output Voltage: 0.19 mVrms (1kHz 35.4mm/sec., at
New Powercord Dream v.10/20 for Digital Cd player,Cd Transport,Dac,Streamer…. Dream v.10/20 digital 1.2 mtr schuko version. Retail 4000 euro Outlet Price please Contact TECHNICAL

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STEALTH AUDIO CABLES OUTLET Stealth Indra V.08+ RCA 2 meter pair unused New certificate included. No Paypal only international wire transfer or cash by

€ 4850

Cardas Golden Cros 2 meter RCA the cable is old version whit grey shrink and silver RCA plugs this is the most warm and

€ 700

Ikeda 9TS      Sealed Price  1900 euro Exc. Vat. 1570.25 (when shipped out of EU)   Pecifications Type: moving coil Output voltage: 0.35mV

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Ikeda 9TT Sealed Price 3350 euro When sold out of EU 2770 euro   Electromagnetic Generator : Moving Coil (MC) Output Voltage : 0.16mVrms

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What can we say about this masterpiece there were only 30 pairs made by Sonus Faber and all were sold the same week when

€ 88.000

Koetsu Black Goldline New Price 1975 euro     Body: Anodized Aluminium Magnet: Samarium Cobalt Cantilever: Boron Weight: 10,8 grams Output: 0,4 mV Dynamic

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STEALTH AUDIO CABLES OUTLET Stealth Sakra V.12 2.5 meter pair RCA unused original bag and certificate included. The Certificate is also the lifetime warranty

€ 10800

Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum unused trad inn Specifications: Lacquered Aged Rosewood Body Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Platinum Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.3 mV Output 9g

€ 4.950