Model LFT1

Ultra-heavy Turntable

Granite base, stainless steel platter, etc. total weight of 100kg. The super-heavy body suppresses unwanted vibrations. The platter and tonearm are air-floating, so the air film also absorbs unwanted vibrations. The 27kg platter is supported only by the pressure of the air (only a few hundred grams). Normally, with a single point of support, you’ll hear a dinging sound when you hit the platter, but by damping it with an air film, you’ll get a knotty sound.


Model LFT1

Turntable section Material
[Base]Granite JIS0
[Platter]High Inertia Stainless Steel Dimensions
[Base]358W × 120H × 358D [
[Platter]φ344 × 43H


Inc 21% VAT Ex VAT
€ 56,265 € 46,500