Static Eliminator IME1

Minimizes the effects of electrostatic charges and static electricity on vinyl record to make analog more vivid.

Static electricity is caused by cartridge friction.
A vinyl record is charged up to several hundred volts over time by friction with the cartridge. Coulomb force, micro-gap discharge, and rotating electric field then cause noise. The IME1 irradiates + and – ions from the top of the record during playback, keeping the electrostatic charge low over time. It eliminates electrostatic noise and reproduces records clearly and vividly in the mid-to-high range.




Model TAT1
■ Turntable section
Material [Base]JIS0 grade granite

[Platter]Stainless steel SUS304

Dimensions [Base]358W×120H×358Dmm


Weight [Base]40kg


■ Motor Drive section
Motor Control Quartz Oscillator, No-Feedback “XFD system”
Drive System Thread Drive(Aramid)
Motor DC, Brush-less, Low-noise
Turntable Speeds 33⅓, 45rpm
Rotation Precision ±0.3%
Wow/Flutter 0.2%/0.04% or less
Power Supply AC100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Dimensions 130Wx120Hx358Dmm
Wight 8kg
Accessories AC Cords, Drive Thread, Air Tube Φ6, Level
Sold Separately Player Board LPB1, Air Supply POU2

Linear Arm AFU1-2, Base Plate BPL1

Swing Arm Attachment SAA1

Linear Arm Attachment LAA1

Warranty Period 5 years(Excluding consumables)
  • Requires Air Supply POU2 (Sold Separately)
  • Please note that this product is not suitable for use with open circuit cartridges that use an air-core coil.
  • Due to the use of granite, the pattern and color tone of the stone may vary depending on the production lot.
  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Inc 21% VAT Ex VAT
Static Electricity Removal € 1,815 € 1,500