Stereo Preamplifier C3PR

Tube type preamplifier with reliable tube C3g. High ability to eliminate common mode noise due to noise processing technology based on power supply development. Provides a noise reduction effect.

Equipped with high reliability tube C3g
It is equipped with the ultra-reliable C3g, developed by Deutsche Telekom for telephone repeaters. The thin grid lines and large distance between electrodes enable high linearity amplification. The C3g is soldered directly onto the board to reduce noise at the contact point.

Proprietary input/output transformers
Proprietary transformers are used for the input and output. The transformer is an important part that influences the performance of distortion, S/N ratio and input/output impedance. Therefore, the core material, wire material, winding thickness, and winding ratio are meticulously designed and manufactured.

Independent power supply for the left and right
Independent power supply to left and right channels and control circuits. It does not gain S/N in an amplifier circuit. The C3PR gains S/N as a collection of inherent characteristics. So it’s an audibly quiet preamplifier.

Resistance Switching Ladder Attenuator
In a variable resistor that slides on a resistor, noise is generated by a point-contact diode, which can be a source of distortion. This unit is a crossbar twin structure. A gold and platinum contact relay switches the resistance and attenuates from 0dB to -60dB.


Model C3PR
Type Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +0-1dB
Max. Input Voltage 4V/1kHz
Max. Output Voltage 4V/1kHz
THD 0.05% 1kHz 250mV
Signal to Noise Ratio 80dB/ATT0dB, 100dB/ATT-20dB
Gain 16dB
Min. load Impedance 600Ω
Input Terminal BALANCED x2, UNBALANCED x4
Input Impedance 7kΩ or more
Output Terminal BALANCED x2, UNBALANCED x2
Output Impedance 50Ω or less
Balance Adjustment ±3.5dB
Compensator +2dB 3 Steps 100Hz
Remote Control Infrared Transmitter
Power Supply AC100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 30W
Dimensions 470W×90H×400Dmm *
Weight 14kg
Finishing Anodic Oxide Coating
Accessories AC Cords, Remote Control

microUSB Cable for Charging

Warranty Period 5 years(Excluding consumables)

* Knobs and terminals are not included.

  • Please use a pre-stage equipment with an output impedance of 1.5KΩ or less.
  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Inc 21% VAT Ex VAT
Stereo Preamplifier C3PR € 22,990 € 19,000