Turntable TAT1

Each LFT1 unit is configured as a stand-alone unit, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your environment. *The air supply and the tonearm attachment required to use this product are sold separately.

Ultra-heavy Turntable
Equipped with granite base and stainless steel platter, which suppresses micro vibration. Since the platter and tonearm are floating on air, the air film absorbs even the slightest vibration; the 27kg platter is supported only by the pressure of the air (only a few hundred grams).

Non-servo Motor Drive
The servo noise is eliminated by open control without a servo. The platter is driven by a DC Brush-less motor and thread, and the platter rotates by inertia alone. It uses a unique “XFD system” that provides to the motor a highly accurate voltage with no fluctuations, based on a crystal transmitter.

Expandable with two arms
Linear-arm AFU1-2 and your swing-arm can be used. Two arm configurations are also available by adding attachments.
*Linear-arm AFU1-2 and attachment are sold separately.

High-quietness Air Supply
The Air Supplier uses a plunger system. Four cylinders powerfully supply the capacity required by the turntable and linear arm. The double-sealed sound leakage and vibration prevention system keeps the unit quiet enough to be installed in a listening room.

*Air Supply POU2 is sold separately.


Model TAT1
■ Turntable section
Material [Base]JIS0 grade granite

[Platter]Stainless steel SUS304

Dimensions [Base]358W×120H×358Dmm


Weight [Base]40kg


■ Motor Drive section
Motor Control Quartz Oscillator, No-Feedback “XFD system”
Drive System Thread Drive(Aramid)
Motor DC, Brush-less, Low-noise
Turntable Speeds 33⅓, 45rpm
Rotation Precision ±0.3%
Wow/Flutter 0.2%/0.04% or less
Power Supply AC100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Dimensions 130Wx120Hx358Dmm
Wight 8kg
Accessories AC Cords, Drive Thread, Air Tube Φ6, Level
Sold Separately Player Board LPB1, Air Supply POU2

Linear Arm AFU1-2, Base Plate BPL1

Swing Arm Attachment SAA1

Linear Arm Attachment LAA1

Warranty Period 5 years(Excluding consumables)
  • Requires Air Supply POU2 (Sold Separately)
  • Please note that this product is not suitable for use with open circuit cartridges that use an air-core coil.
  • Due to the use of granite, the pattern and color tone of the stone may vary depending on the production lot.
  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Inc 21% VAT Ex VAT
€ 38,720 € 32,000