Amber 3 started shipping in August 2019 as a successor to Amber 2. We put a one year effort to squeeze as much of a good sound from Amber 2 as possible. It took a total redesign of the digital section, which in new form is derived directly from the Pacific program. It is by all means not as sophisticated and costly to make, but it retains surprisingly a lot of the Pacific good qualities – pure, natural, effortless, spacious and super dynamic presentation worthy of at least twice as expensive product.

We also redesigned power supply, and chose completely new tube compliment – consisting of a ECC99 super tube as input amplifier, in a zero feedback, single ended triode mode, as well as ECC82 as low impedance output buffer. This DAC, thanks to having output buffer – can drive particularly well the transistor amps.

We are very proud of this DAC, and the fact that at an entry level price we can outperform any competitor known to us. This DAC gives joy and bliss in spades.

Some other highlights are: copper output caps, CLC power filter with tube rectifier 6X5, true balanced option, volume control option, full analog preamp of very high quality, USB operation of the highest caliber, newly designed muting to avoid pops and clicks in computer operation, and many many more.

• The newest Amber model in the LampizatOr lineup
• Fully tubed DAC, with tube rectified PSU, tube input stage, tube output stage,
linear power transformer and copper capacitors
• Brand new, Code 53 DSD/PCM fully balanced digital engine – derived directly from
Pacific 57 engine programme
• Accepting all major noval based dual triodes
• Ecc81, Ecc82, ECC802, ECC99, Ecc180, 12AT7, 12AU7, all variants and NOS
from Mullard, G.E.C. Philips, Ken-Rad, Tung-Sol, Shuguang, Genalex, Brimar,
Electro Harmonics, JJ, Telefunken, Amperex and many more brands
• Allows Rectifier Rolling – 6C5S, 6X5
• Exists in Normal SE variants, BALANCED topologies and with or without Volume/Preamp/Remote.




Amber3 DAC Specifications
PCM conversion LampizatOr proprietary “code 53 engine” conversion circuit, up to 768 kHz / 32 bit
DSD conversion LampizatOr proprietary “code 53 engine” conversion circuit, using for DSD only the digital and analog filters 64x/128x/256x/512x, self selecting
Output signal amplitude 3V pp (or by request)
Inputs S/PDIF coaxial RCA, BNC S/PDIF, USB, AES/EBU, Toslink
Outputs Stereo pair of RCA analog outputs, XLR also in balanced
Mains User-selectable 117-235 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 25 Watts
Color: Chassis: Matt Charcoal
Music tubes: Ecc81, Ecc82, ECC802, ECC99, Ecc180, 12AT7, 12AU7
Rectifier tube One piece of 6C5S or 6X5
Warranty 5 Years excluding tubes.
Weight (net / shipping) 9 kg netto / 12 kg shipping – gross.
Dimensions [w x h x d] 43 cm x 13 cm x 33 cm
Front panel Black matt aluminium, or natural silver anodized aluminium


Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
3,690 3,050 4,305 3,557 4,305 3557 4,920 4,066