The Big7, was named as the last model in our lineup of “levels”, starting from Level 1, Level 2, level 3, untill level 7 was too crowded inside to fit in the box. And we decided to make the largest box that the market will let us get away with. The BIG7 was born. In it’s super luxury version – with cost no object parts, it was later named the Golden Gate, our former flagship.  Since the price increase for GG was huge, we decided to keep the basic Big7 as a separate product. It is the entry level to the world of DHT tubes. Given it’s relatively modest price, the Big7 is the best bank for the buck in high end range of products from Lampizator.

With Volume Control, it also makes the favorite preamp.

Since late 2018 we ship BIG7 MK2 with following improvements versus the old BIG7:  New, completely redesigned  digital section, which  is a direct streamline of the new Pacific engine, with code name “engine53”. Triode operating scheme has been also redesigned, making the same triodes sound more open, dynamic and detailed. We also use new USB firmware, better DSD engine, 512 DSD as standard, all new volume control resistor ladder, new remote control, new footers, and new, good looking rear panel. It looks actually better from behind than from the front.

All in all – the Big7 MK 2 has obvious Lampizator pedigree while being a better DAC than its predecessor – in every area we can name.


The main characteristics are:

Single Ended Triode amplification stage

Directly Heated Triodes only (DHT)

Zero feedback design

Zero silicon circuit in analog section

PCM and DSD switched seamlessly and automatically

USB input compatible with all operating systems

Copper sheet capacitors in the output stage

Tube based power supply with chokes and foil capacitors

Advanced muting circuit in the output


Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
9,840 8,132 11,070 9,148 12,300 10,165 13,530 11,181