Dream V18 UNI

The latest and greatest “continuation” of the Dream line is the Dream V18 – which offers improved conductors for the AC path, and a very significant improvement (audible and measurable) in its digital configuration, and replaces the Dream V16 (both UNI and standard).

Also, as the result of our design work for the past 17-18 months, we are finishing the STEALTH carbon fiber shell AC power strip (with solid silver AC outlets), and we are nearly done with designing our AC conditional (I am in the process of patenting this design)

Some technical numbers for the STEALTH solid silver AC socket can be seen here:


AND – we have one more STEALTH cord: The Dream 20-20 – which is specifically designed to work best with our AC power strips (distribution units in solid carbon fibers enclosures – getting ready for production) and our (upcoming) AC power conditioner, and thus features an extremely thick and complex internal ground path (to much the much lower contact resistance of our plugs and wall sockets and IECs (which are 16 times – !!!!! – lower than standard contact resistance of sockets and plug make of brass or copper, with or without plating) – and thus the Dream 20-20 cannot be made in the “UNI” configuration – as of today.



Stealth Audio Stealth Dream V18 Uni Power-cord is the best Power cord Stealth Audio has made up to date may be the best power cord around.
This cable is whit knobs that you will be delivered whit suitable for Phono, Pre, Power, Power distribution and digital gear its a universal cable that’s why its V18 UNI. This is distributors Demo cable like New original Stealth Bag and Certificate available.


Dream V18 UNI 1,2m 1,5m 2,0m 2,5m 3,0m + 1meter
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