Subbase Audio Furniture

Shambala means a protection zone. We understand this as a music protection zone.

None of the usual hi-fi racks offers a living-friendly solution that also meets our high-end audio requirements. So we developed a solution ourselves: Shambala TSS corresponds to our vision of an audiophile installation concept: outstanding functionality, unique design and perfect workmanship.

The main focus of the development work was on the one hand the statics of the wings, on the other hand their resonance tuning. Thanks to precisely defined inner struts and our C stabilizers, each wing is absolutely stable in shape in the long term. The C stabilizers absorb horizontal forces and ensure optimal distribution. This allowed us to dispense with the otherwise smend struts on the back and in the middle area. Despite its considerable weight, this longboard looks puristic, open and filigree at the same time. The resonance-technically almost perfectly homogeneous wing is only clamped with two stainless steel bolts per side, whereby the homogeneous resonance spectrum was realized together with the inner strut, which makes our Shambala the best audiophile home furniture.

The visual appearance is characterized by the simple design and the noble real wood veneer. The solid side panels made of deep black high-gloss acrylic, in sandwich construction with two aluminium layers, underline the high-quality component wings with restraint. The inlays are made of hand-polished stainless steel and laser engraved, as is the type plate. The very massive Shambala stands on four cones made of twisted ebony of the highest quality. Each audio board is set up by hand and measured meticulously, each screw fixed with corresponding torque. You can choose different veneers and designs. For example, the silver high-gloss work can also be replaced with black anodized aluminium parts and combined with macassar or other veneers. We are happy to advise you.

The processed assemblies do not allow criticism. The Shambala has been absolutely stable in shape for years and with good care you have a piece of furniture for life. Each component is used due to its specific properties. The stainless steel bolts for clamping the side parts are turned off and polished to a high gloss in order to integrate even better visually. In order to enable a suitable and perfect installation even oversized and heavy power amplifier bolides or other components in single posture, we offer the Shambala – solo – elements.

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