Proscenium Black Diamond V signature phono amp

“For almost two decades Lloyd Walker has designed, built, and constantly improved what JV thinks is the world’s finest record player…Walker has now introduced a phonostage…that is every bit as wonderful as the (Proscenium) Black Diamond V ‘table…one of the most lifelike phonostages JV has heard in almost half a century of listening to LPs. JV’s new reference…”

The Walker Proscenium V Black Diamond Signature Phono Amplifier is the result of seven years of research and development to build the best-sounding phono amplifier possible without compromise. It is adjustable for anyone’s personal musical enjoyment and easy to use.

The Signature is a dual mono – solid state design with remote power supply. Designed for moving coil or moving iron cartridges with an output of 0.15 to 0.8 millivolt output. Or special order for moving magnet high output cartridges

The phono amplifier and power supply feature nude foil resistors, Teflon foil capacitors and organic capacitors. All wired with solid core silver wire, point-to-point, no circuit boards. There are no switches in the signal path in or out.


The two dials on the front panel allows for continuous cartridge loading during play. 0 to 1000 ohms. Separate left and right channel adjustments.  Note: if set to 0, there will be no sound.

I have never heard a cartridge sound its best with fixed loading of pre-set 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000 ohms. Some of these setting can be close, but not the best. The best sound for you maybe a little more or less than the choices available…regardless of what the manufacturer suggests.  It depends on four variables: the recording, your system, your personal preference and your mood.  Now, with the Walker Proscenium V Black Diamond Signature Phono Amplifier you can have it the way you want it.

The continuous cartridge loading does not replace the need to adjust the VTA for different record thicknesses. The VTA settings will give the correct information. The cartridge loading will give the musical presentation the way you choose to hear it.

Example 1: If the recording sounds laid back or dull, simply increase the loading a few ohms. You will hear the recording become more alive and dynamic with clear sharper highs and tighter bass. Go too far and it will begin sounding harsh.

Example 2: If the recording is bright and harsh sounding and the soundstage is too forward, simply lower the loading a few ohms. The brightness will go away. The sound will relax and the soundstage will recede.

Example 3: If the recording is good, but you want to have a relaxed listening session, lower the settings (ohms) a little. Or if you want a more exciting and detailed session, increase the settings a little.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You will not damage it. I have rarely heard any cartridge loaded at 50 or 100 ohms sounds its best. Sometimes cartridges with these suggested settings sound best at 150 to 200 ohms or higher. Some as high as 450 to 525 ohms. You will be able to get the best sound your system can deliver and the way you like it.

Product Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
Proscenium Black Diamond V signature phono amp 26.500 22.000