Air Tight Opus 1 New

My client purchased this cartridge but his whole Analog project never realized due to the circumstances his is your gain.

Air Tight Opus-1 Mc Cartridge in sealed original double box brand New.

Type: Ultra-low-impedance moving-coil cartridge.


  • Frequency response: 10–50kHz
  • Output voltage: 0.5mV
  • Internal impedance: 1.4 ohms (DCR)
  • Magnet: Neodymium #50
  • Stylus pressure: 1.9–2.2g
  • Channel balance: Within 0.5dB (1kHz)
  • Crosstalk: More than 30dB
  • Terminal pins: Rhodium-plated
  • Weight: ca. 12.5g
Brand: Air Tight
Model: Opus 1
Color: Silver
Condition: New
Accesoires/Box: YES
Manual: NO
Voltage: None

Price: 9.950€