Dream v.10/20 digital 1.2 mtr schuko

New Powercord Dream v.10/20 for Digital Cd player,Cd Transport,Dac,Streamer….

Dream v.10/20 digital 1.2 mtr schuko version.

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The Dream V.10-20 utilizes our newest metalized wire carbon fiber plug, in combination of two configurations: Digital and Analog.

Ultra thick body but as flexible as previous Dreams but the metalized carbon fiber plugs are extended further into the body for stability and durability.

The Dream V.10-20 conductive material uses polished, double insulated oxygen-free copper, without any plating of any kind, butter-soft, as it is deeply annealed via cryogenic treatment in four stages, slowly submerged, maintained on the ideal temperature in the cryogenic chamber, stored to give enough time to disperse the built up tension inside the wire, and very slowly, gradually emerged – i.e. brought back to the room temperature.

Cryo treatment – 72-hours special “audiophile” cycle.

The separation of Digital and Analog Dream types is necessary due to the types of noise that digital equipment creates. Different types of filtration and ground configuration and layout are used.

The biggest advantage is given when all power cables in the system are of the Dream series. Lowering the noise floor of the system significantly.

Virtual star grounding can be achieved if all Dream cords are matched to the equipment types. If those AC power cords are used, which are not of the Dream series, you have more than one pathways to the ground, and such configuration may create ground loops. This is due to other AC power cords having non RF transparent ground paths which cannot filter the electromagnetic pollution and noise in the ground. Most other AC power cords, when used with Digital equipment, allow the noise pollution from the clock generators/oscillators and switching power supplies in the digital equipment to “leak” to the pure analog components circuitry through their straight ground path and thus compromise the sound quality.



The shielding effect of our carbon fiber shells is greater than such of full metal shells, whether the plugs are made of brass, aluminum or copper, plated or unplated.

The explanation is that while carbon fiber composite is indeed conductive, its electrical conductivity is significantly (many times) lower than of the above mentioned metals, and thus induced stray currents (from the AC current in the cord), and externally picked up EMI noise stray currents – dissolve in a carbon fiber shell much quicker than in an all metal shell.

The newly introduced STEALTH metallized carbon shells are even more effective than plain carbon fiber: the built-in metal mesh optimizes overall conductivity of the shells and increase the shielding effect further, making it even better than plain carbon fiber, and still obviously better than all metal shells.

The measured extra noise reduction benefit from the metallized carbon fiber shells – for all forms of noise – lies between a mere 3 dBs, and up to 10 dBs, depending on the air-born noise in the environment, and also depending on what socket, AC source and/or AC strip the cord is connected to, and also on the particular equipment piece the cord supplies to AC to (i.e. on the AC current value in the cord). But the benefit is indeed there, in all cases, and hence the notable improvement in the cord performance.

Brand: Stealth Audio Cables
Model: Dream v.10/20 digital
Color: Black/Gold
Condition: New
Accesoires/Box: YES
Manual: YES
Voltage: na

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