Gryphon Phanteon Speakers

PANTHEON  SPEAKERS great speakers from a cancelled order know available by Amadeus Audio.
Please call for the price.
Three-way speaker system
Constant phase crossover for consistently correct phase position at all frequencies
Frequency response 25-40,000 Hz, -3 dB
Manually adjusted, passive crossover

Battery powered bias for the exclusive crossover capacitors
Ultra-fast air motion transformer tweeter with low-mass, folded metal membrane
Specially developed 5 ‘midrange driver from ScanSpeak from Denmark with a special basket, surround and central dome
Midrange driver mounted in independently sealed cabinet
Double 8 ‘bass speakers from ScanSpeak from Denmark for maximum speed and precision with massive, controlled air displacement
8 ‘bass driver in separate, precisely matched reflex housings with elaborate internal bracing
Tightly focussed bass / midrange triple magnet systems for maximum performance and crystal clear sound
Each driver has its own, mechanically independent baffle
Special conical bead closure to minimize reflection at the edges
Vertical, symmetrical chassis arrangement for perfect point source presentation
Inner cushioning with a combination of pure wool and synthetic materials
Stylish string covering to protect the driver
Internal Gryphon wiring

Dimensions: H 148.0 cm, W 29.0 cm, d 60.0 cm
Weight: 89 kg (speaker)
Color: black