Ikeda 9TT

Ikeda 9TT Sealed

Price 3350 euro

When sold out of EU 2770 euro


Electromagnetic Generator : Moving Coil (MC)
Output Voltage : 0.16mVrms (1kHz 35.4mm/sec. at 45° peak)
Coil Impedance : 2.0 ohms.(1kHz)
Appropriate Stylus Force : 1.8grams ± 0.2grams
Frequency Response Range: 10Hz ~ 45kHz.
Channel Separation : over 27dB (1kHz)
Channel Balance: Within 1.0dB (1kHz)
Compliance : 7 x 106cm/dyne
Stylus Chip : Solid diamond, Line Contact
Cantilever: Double layered duralmin pipe
Weight : 10grams
Change of stylus : Change of generator unit including stylus coil.
Connecting terminal: Right channel: Hot — Red. Ground — Green
Left channel: Hot — White. Ground — Blue

Brand: Ikeda
Model: 9TT
Color: Gold
Condition: Sealed
Accesoires/Box: YES
Manual: YES
Voltage: na

Price: Contact€