Ikeda IT-407CR1

Ikeda IT-407CR1 Long 12 inch whit VTA Lifter     Sealed
Price 7200
When sold our of EU 5950

The Ikeda IT-407 tonearm is a High Mass design and has been called Big, Rigid and Beautiful.


  • Type: Dynamic Balance
  • Overall Length: 388mm
  • Effective Length: 307mm
  • Overhang: 12mm
  • Tracking Error: +2° – 0°35′
  • Stylus Force Range: 0g – 5g (in 0.5g step)
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 31mm
  • Arm Height Adjustment Range: 25mm – 60mm
  • Max Arm Board Thickness: 35mm
  • Cartridge/Headshell Balance Range: 6g – 38.5g
  • Headshell Weight: 17.2g
  • Pivot to Spindle Distance: 295mm
Brand: Ikeda
Model: IT-407CR1 Long VTA Lifter
Color: Metalic/Silver
Condition: sealed
Accesoires/Box: YES
Manual: YES
Voltage: na

Price: contact€