Pilium Audio Pilium Alexander Achilles and Hercules

For Sell:
-Pilium Alexander Preamp State of Art Preamp
-Pilium Achilles Stereo Poweramp
-Pilium Hercules Mono Blocks
All Used Demo prefect condition 230 volt all whit original Aluminum Crates.
We are official Pilium Dealer this amps are used for Demo and for short time at our Clients system Client like to upgrade to the New Pilium Zeus line 100K+….

Pilium Alexander Preamp can be sold alone or in combination whit Achilles Stereo Poweramp or Pilium Hercules Mono Blocks.

Pilium audio Amps are Ch Precision and Dartzeel top of the line killer Very Fast,Natural,High Rez ,Super Dynamic, peaceful and colorful sound, sound like made in Heaven between best of Tube and SS Preamp.

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Brand: Pilium
Model: Pilium Alexander Achilles and Hercules
Color: Silver
Condition: 9/10
Accesoires/Box: YES
Manual: YES
Voltage: 230 Volt

Price: Contact for price€