Stealth Indra V.10 RCA 2 meter


The Legendary Stealth Indra v.10 Interconnects (writing on Body) a real “Game Changer” will transform every system to a much better one faster, warmer, deeper and wider soundstage more resolution and lots of harmonic colors like if your Amplifiers are upgraded to double priced Amplifiers…..

Stealth Indra V.10 RCA 2 meter pair unused New certificate included.


Retail 12700 euro

Know outlet price 5080 euro !

No Paypal only international wire transfer or cash by personal pickup in Netherlands

Brand: Stealth Audio Cables
Model: Stealth Indra v.10 RCA 2 meter
Color: white
Condition: New
Accesoires/Box: NO
Manual: YES
Voltage: na

Price: 5080€