Argento FLOW

The Flow is truly the sum of our experience in cable design and offers a breadth of qualities that is simply not available from any other manufacturer. In the development process every aspect of our Serenity cables was reconsidered and optimized.  For the Flow we use a large number of extremely thin conductors made of high purity annealed silver.  ​To further optimize the  performance from these conductors they are cryo treated and polished twice for the absolute best surface quality.

​Using many conductors increase the importance of the correct geometry and insulation.

The geometry used in the Flow cables insures that all of the conductor are of exactly equal length. This guarantees that the conductors work as one cable instead a multitude of small cables of different lengths creating a smear in the signal

Audio cables from other manufactures use either, air, plastic or cotton or a combination of these to insulate the conductors. All claiming that it provides the very lowest dielectric constant and therefore is the best suited for the task.

At Argento Audio we have taken a different approach to choosing the right insulating material for our products.  In our opinion the dielectric material not only has to insulate it also as to provide mechanical damping. Our answer to these requirements are VDMTM which is short for “Vibration Damping Material”.

​This material  reduces micro phonics and completely removes the “traditional” hyper hifi sound that the usual dielectrics creates in audio cables. To ensure that the interface between the cable and the electronics is as close to perfection as possible we developed a range of new connectors for the Flow cables.

Our connectors are machined to the highest standards and the contacts in the connectors are machined from rods of solid high purity silver. The connectors are attached to the conductors by compression to provide a silver-to-silver interface rather than introducing a low conductivity material such as solder.

​Because of the material choice and design the Flow cables are extremely flexible making them easy to install.


The Flow line is available in:

RCA and XLR analog interconnectors,
BNC, RCA and XLR Digital interconnectors,
XLR, RCA and Phono interconnectors,
BNC clock link,
US, EU, 15 and 20 amp IEC power cords and

Speaker Cable with spades.


SERENITY Price including 21 % VAT Price excluding VAT
Interconnector “Signature” 1m RCA 1,680 1,388
Interconnector “Signature” 1m XLR 1,740 1,438
Interconnector additional 0,5m 270 223
Speaker cable 1m 2,520 2,082
Speaker cable additional 0,5m 600 495
Power 2m 1,680 1,388
Power 1m additional 1m 390 322