Used, Demo's and New Tradeinn's


Koetsu Black Goldline

Koetsu Black Goldline New Price 1975 euro     Body: Anodized Aluminium Magnet: Samarium Cobalt Cantilever: Boron Weight: 10,8 grams Output: 0,4 mV Dynamic Compliance


Cardas Golden Cross

Cardas Golden Cros 2 meter RCA the cable is old version whit grey shrink and silver RCA plugs this is the most warm and musical


Ikeda IT-407CR1

Ikeda IT-407CR1 Long 12 inch whit VTA Lifter     Sealed Price 7200 When sold our of EU 5950 The Ikeda IT-407 tonearm is a High Mass


Ikeda Kai

Ikeda Kai Selaed   Price 6050 euro When sold out of EU 5000 euro Type: MC cartridge Output Voltage: 0.19 mVrms (1kHz 35.4mm/sec., at 45°peak)


Ikeda 9mono

  Ikeda 9mono Price 3350 euro When sold out of EU 2770 euro   Output Voltage: 0.22 mV – Stylus Force: 1.8 grams – Frequency Response:


Ikeda 9TT

Ikeda 9TT Sealed Price 3350 euro When sold out of EU 2770 euro   Electromagnetic Generator : Moving Coil (MC) Output Voltage : 0.16mVrms (1kHz


Koetsu Azule Platinum

Koetsu Azule Platinum Sealed   Price 8800 euro     Specifications: Body: Dumortierite Stone Type: Moving Coil Coil Wiring: Silverplated Copper Magnet: Platinum Magnet Cantilever:


Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum

Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum Sealed 8900 euro     Specifications Tigereye Body Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Platinum Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.3 mV Output 12.5 g

Regularly end-users, discontinued dealers or distributors provide us hi-end products that we resell in our used, demo’s new trade inn section.  These brands we mostly do not represent as distributor nor dealer.