Used, Demo's and New Tradeinn's


Gryphon Phanteon Speakers

PANTHEON  SPEAKERS great speakers from a cancelled order know available by Amadeus Audio. Please call for the price. Three-way speaker system Constant phase crossover for


ZYX Universe Optimum

Proud to have this cartridge as part of a trade and list this rare Cartridge will be a collectors item surely. Zyx UNIverse Optimum x


Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru

Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru Brand New. Specifications Urushi Lacquered Rosewood Body Silverplated Copper Coil Wiring Permendur Magnet Boron Cantilever 0.4 mV Output 9.37g Net Weight Recommended


Fuuga MC Cartridge (miyabi)

Miyabi Labs Fuuga Mc Cartridge New(!) the rising star in the upper High-end State of Art Analog Reproduction. Will include worldwide registered trackable shipping for


Hovland Reference Speaker Cable

Hovland Reference Speaker Cable 2.5 meter pair whit spades a true reference cable that will make any other LS cable shy at this price level.

Amplifiers / Preamps

Zanden Chukoh

Zanden Chukoh “sound unheard of” is the pinnacle of Preamp building its a masterpiece a piece of art created by Maestro Yamada of Zanden Audio

Regularly end-users, discontinued dealers or distributors provide us hi-end products that we resell in our used, demo’s new trade inn section.  These brands we mostly do not represent as distributor nor dealer.