The Tosca™ was first presented to the public at the 2019 Axpona show in Chicago. It is our first gimbal-bearing design and we are confident

Player Options

Options for the turntable system LFT1 and the turntable TAT1 and TAT2. The tonearm attachment and the player board are available to create an optimal

Iasonas Amplifier – Divine Line

Iasonas… the smaller brother of Achilles! A 250W stereo power amplifier, able to uncompromisingly drive almost any load and promote the speaker’s true nature and


Baltic-1 DAC is in fact a mix of two dacs – first being Amber 3 DAC on steroids, and second – it’s mother – is

Dream Royale V17

The “Dream Royale” are our best-to-date loudspeaker cables. The size (overall diameter) of the Dream Royale is much greater than the Dream V10 – which

Elektra DAC – Divine Line

Elektra is a very sophisticated, over-engineered Full Dual Mono DAC with the latest and most special components used today. Elektra is based on 8 AKM


Atlantic DAC was made 3 years ago, to the memory of Lukasz Fikus’ sailing trip across the Atlantic ocean. It was meant to put in

Dream V18 UNI

The latest and greatest “continuation” of the Dream line is the Dream V18 – which offers improved conductors for the AC path, and a very

Monaural Power Amplifier 212PA

Vacuum tube type monaural power amplifier with large triode 212E. Plate voltage 1,400V, output 40W. No-feedback technology creates a three-dimensional and spontaneous sound. Large triode


The Big7, was named as the last model in our lineup of “levels”, starting from Level 1, Level 2, level 3, untill level 7 was

Phantom III tonearm

Phantom III is the same specification as the Phantom II, but has an updated arm wand, new internal wiring for arm wand and bearing housing.