Sumile (Violet)

Murasakino Ltd. is proud to announce the new MC cartridge, “Sumile.” “Sumile” means “violet” in Japanese, taken from the cartridge’s housing color. (It is “Das


Balanced Tube DAC  (Premiere October  2020) In our endless efforts to research and design DACs, we arrived at this breakthrough design. Combining everything we know


LP Record Clamp – A legendary Shun Mook product now begin made in a very, very limited number. This record clamp is made from extremely

Dream V18 UNI

The latest and greatest “continuation” of the Dream line is the Dream V18 – which offers improved conductors for the AC path, and a very

Alexander – Divine Line

A modern audio preamplifier should act as an interface between the music sources and the power amplifier, ideally matching impedances and provide a volume control

Monaural Power Amplifier 212PA

Vacuum tube type monaural power amplifier with large triode 212E. Plate voltage 1,400V, output 40W. No-feedback technology creates a three-dimensional and spontaneous sound. Large triode

Model LFT1

Ultra-heavy Turntable Granite base, stainless steel platter, etc. total weight of 100kg. The super-heavy body suppresses unwanted vibrations. The platter and tonearm are air-floating, so

Record brush Cleaning aid “Dusty”

is the practical cleaning aid from ramar. The special glove made of soft micropolyester and polyamide is especially good for gentle dust cleaning of demanding


Over the years, the Serenity line of cables have made Argento Audio’s reputation among the audiophile community for uncompromising technical quality, and unchallenged sound performance.

The Kairos

The Kairos™ was introduced for the first time at the 2014 High-End Audio show in Munich (Germany), then was presented to the US customers at

Turntable TAT1

Each LFT1 unit is configured as a stand-alone unit, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your environment. *The air supply and the

Static Eliminator IME1

Minimizes the effects of electrostatic charges and static electricity on vinyl record to make analog more vivid. Static electricity is caused by cartridge friction. A