Balanced Tube DAC  (Premiere October  2020) In our endless efforts to research and design DACs, we arrived at this breakthrough design. Combining everything we know


Baltic-1 DAC is in fact a mix of two dacs – first being Amber 3 DAC on steroids, and second – it’s mother – is


Amber 3 started shipping in August 2019 as a successor to Amber 2. We put a one year effort to squeeze as much of a

Dream V10

The Ultra high performance Dream V10 AC power cords are very thick (approximately 35mm= 1.38 inches in diameter), but flexible. All Dream V10 cords are

Dream V18 UNI

The latest and greatest “continuation” of the Dream line is the Dream V18 – which offers improved conductors for the AC path, and a very

Dream Royale V17

The “Dream Royale” are our best-to-date loudspeaker cables. The size (overall diameter) of the Dream Royale is much greater than the Dream V10 – which


Varidig is different from any other digital cable on the market because its porous Teflon® dielectric is thicker in the middle of the cable than

Indra V18 (pre-release)

The Indra revision 18 (V18) offers improvements over the previous Indra revisions in a number of the original key Indra features, immediately related to the


The Śakra V12 is quite different from the standard (original Sakra): the cables are indeed directional – since they are CONICAL inside and outside, and

Sumile Mono

“Sumile-mono” is an MC cartridge for mono records developed on the basis of “Sumile.” We first introduced the MC cartridge “Sumile” in 2016. We are

Sumile (Violet)

Murasakino Ltd. is proud to announce the new MC cartridge, “Sumile.” “Sumile” means “violet” in Japanese, taken from the cartridge’s housing color. (It is “Das

Subbase Audio Furniture

SHAMBALA TSS Shambala means a protection zone. We understand this as a music protection zone. None of the usual hi-fi racks offers a living-friendly solution


The Tosca™ was first presented to the public at the 2019 Axpona show in Chicago. It is our first gimbal-bearing design and we are confident

The Kairos

The Kairos™ was introduced for the first time at the 2014 High-End Audio show in Munich (Germany), then was presented to the US customers at