Elektra DAC – Divine Line

Elektra is a very sophisticated, over-engineered Full Dual Mono DAC with the latest and most special components used today. Elektra is based on 8 AKM


LP Record Clamp – A legendary Shun Mook product now begin made in a very, very limited number. This record clamp is made from extremely

Record brush Cleaning aid “Dusty”

is the practical cleaning aid from ramar. The special glove made of soft micropolyester and polyamide is especially good for gentle dust cleaning of demanding

Record brush “Angus”

is ramar’s own stylus brush. Dust and dirt on the stylus have a negative influence on the quality of the audio playback. In addition, dirt

Record brush “JONI”

is characterized by a strikingly light grain with different colors. Joni is stardust. Her golden appearance is imposing, lively, enchanting. INNOVATION ramar’s brushes are characterized

Record brush “RED”

“Red is life, energy, potency, power, love, warmth, strength. Red gets you high.” RUPRECHT GEIGER Red convinces with a warm reddish-brown colour and a fine

Record brush “Tina”

Tina shimmers matt-brownish to black, enchants with a filigree wood image and fine texture. Tina is impressive, valuable, apart. Tina is everlasting. INNOVATION ramar’s brushes


Super Diamond Resonators (U,S, Oatent No, D364168) – This 3” diameter x 1.75”h body is a smaller version of the Ultra Diamond Resonator with a1/8