Elektra DAC – Divine Line

Elektra is a very sophisticated, over-engineered Full Dual Mono DAC with the latest and most special components used today. Elektra is based on 8 AKM


LP Record Clamp – A legendary Shun Mook product now begin made in a very, very limited number. This record clamp is made from extremely


Super Diamond Resonators (U,S, Oatent No, D364168) – This 3” diameter x 1.75”h body is a smaller version of the Ultra Diamond Resonator with a1/8

Subbase Audio Furniture

SHAMBALA TSS Shambala means a protection zone. We understand this as a music protection zone. None of the usual hi-fi racks offers a living-friendly solution

Player Options

Options for the turntable system LFT1 and the turntable TAT1 and TAT2. The tonearm attachment and the player board are available to create an optimal

Static Eliminator IME1

Minimizes the effects of electrostatic charges and static electricity on vinyl record to make analog more vivid. Static electricity is caused by cartridge friction. A